The Race to Monetize Digital Content

It’s exciting to see new media evolve and different ways that online content creators work to create sustainable business models. All the popular blogs with a staff of writers give their content away which makes many wonder how they make their money. While these blogs have advertisements and affiliate partnerships, it isn’t enough revenue to […]

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How Cities Attract Entrepreneurs and New Business

Cities and states around the country have an economic development office to spur business activity and attract investment in their communities.  When a new business expands or relocates to their region, jobs are created so it’s a no brainer why business development consultants try to lure in entrepreneurs and business executives. Business owners and managers put

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Teen Millionaires

Found a great interview online of a couple teens who turned their their ideas into profitable businesses.  I thought I would post here for everyone aspiring to do the same.     I just read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill a couple weeks ago, and these two young successful business people talk about most of the

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