I am committed to seeking and sharing Truth in a world where it so often gets drowned out. Technology and our ability to capture and consume energy is changing our world faster than ever and it’s exciting to consider how we continue to evolve. As I work to strengthen myself I hope to strengthen other men as well so that we may learn from each other as we form, lead and strengthen our own Families.

The best way to reach our full potential is by understanding biological truth, respecting the laws of nature and to allow God’s will to flow through us. Lies, distorted truths and the assumptions we make as a result isolate and weaken us. 

Ultimately we strengthen ourselves by creating strong relationships at the gym, church or other in person communities. It’s by making ourselves useful and becoming good friends to people we admire. We carry out God’s will by speaking Truth as we understand it and through actions that create and sustain life. God, Freedom and the traditional Family is the ultimate timeless Truth that always wins and provides eternal life.