Teen Millionaires

Found a great interview online of a couple teens who turned their their ideas into profitable businesses.  I thought I would post here for everyone aspiring to do the same.



I just read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill a couple weeks ago, and these two young successful business people talk about most of the qualities mentioned in the book.  I recommend this book for any aspiring entrepreneur and anyone that wants to learn a proven method of achieving any amount of success you can envision in your mind. 

You can check out the book by clicking the following link, Think and Grow Rich.  If you buy it from this website you also get a second book, The Hidden Secret of Think and Grow Rich by Brian Kim, who clearly spells out the secret of accumulating any amount of wealth that Napoleon never directly tells you about in his book.  I bought my copy from this website because it was sent a an ebook and I could read it immediately after purchasing instead of waiting for it to be shipped.



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