Landing The Dream Job

A couple days ago I read a story about my buddy, John Exley also known as X who landed an internship at an exciting new startup, Hashable.  You can read the story here on the Hashable blog.  Hashable is an app that helps you keep track of new people you meet as well as follow who your friends are meeting.

After reading this I thought about several of my friends who are frustrated because they can’t find jobs and thought they may want to take a few notes from X.  The story was inspiring because I know how hard X works to achieve his goals and if you read his story, you see that he committed himself to Hashable as opposed to just looking for a job.  X is genuinely interested in the product and was going to find a way to work with them one way or another. What separates X from the rest is that while most will send resumes to companies and wait for a call back, X not only made it a point to follow up several times, but gave so much to the company prior to working there by evangelizing the company to everyone he talked to.  He proved he would be the best choice by letting them know that he was willing to give even before receiving an offer from them.

X sums up what he learned at the end of his story.  The most important points I took away are to give before you receive.  Let the company know you are committed to them and why you are the best choice.  X clearly did that by telling all his friends about Hashable and as a result many of his friends wrote to Hashable telling them why they need to hire X.  X is an aspiring entrepreneur and you can learn more about him on his blog at John Exley Online.

If your interested in social media I always see several cool job postings on the Mashable Jobs Board.  Another exciting company that is hiring several different positions all over the country is Living Social.  You can see the positions they are hiring for at jobs at LivingSocial. In addition to their Daily Deals they are now organizing Living Social Adventures. If your looking for employment, remember to commit yourself to a company or an industry you are interested in, as opposed to just settling for any job.

2 thoughts on “Landing The Dream Job”

  1. My man Adrian, really dude thank you. I worked really hard for this but definitely was very blessed and had just a ton of help and stuff you know?

    I really agree what you say about picking a domain/space and devoting yourself to it. If a startup knows that you’re committed to the things they’re building and how they’re thinking.

    How are things with you man? I am very, very excited for TechCrunch Disrupt. Looking forward to seeing you man. Let’s hash it up for sure haha! Still can’t believe you met you-know-who when you let us stay with you. Not many of my friends actually got to meet you-know-who.

    Alright man, thanks again for this…keep hustling and get at me soon

    – John X

    1. Adrian Childers

      All good in NY John! When you told me about Hashable I didn’t realize you were trying to score an internship with them or that you were so passionate about the company. I’m all over it now and just sent you a request to join my “inner circle”.

      See you in a couple weeks.

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