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I think after formal education, reading tends to take a back seat for many of us.  That’s why I wanted to share a list of books and authors you would enjoy looking into if you are in business for yourself, plan to be, or just want to be smarter about your money.

Here is the list in no particular order:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and “The Hidden Secrets of Think and Grow Rich” by Brian Kim – Think and Grow Rich is a classic and must read for anyone who wants to accumulate wealth.  The book was written after Napoleon studied traits of 500 wealthy individuals and breaks down the process of accumulating any amount of wealth into 13 straight forward steps. Note* Brian Kim wrote an insightful follow up to Think And Grow Rich and describes what the hidden secret is that Napoleon never directly mentions in his book.

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber – Michael explains how to build a business system that works for you as opposed to you being a slave to your business. He says to think of your business as a franchise and grow it as if you are going to build thousands more. There must be systems in place if your business is going to succeed.

The 4 – Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss – Tips on being more efficient and helping you live the lifestyle you want.

Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson – The book is intended for budding entrepreneurs. This book was more entertaining than it was educational because Richard shares some great stories about building his Virgin empire.

Think Big by Donald Trump – Donald has written several books, but, Think Big  is the one that I read. Just like Richard Branson’s book there are lots of good stories about his struggles and successes. As for this particular book, Donald says if you are going to be thinking any way, you might as well think big.

Seth Godin – Seth has too many good books to list, so here is a link to his blog instead and you can decide which of his books you would like to read. I’ve read Linchpin and Tribes and have enjoyed them both. Seth is a big marketing guy, which explains why he has sold so many books.

The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell – Malcolm shares his theories about how products and ideas can spread like viruses. He talks about using connectors, mavens and salesmen to take your product mainstream.

Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work by Peter Shankman – Peter is the founder of Help A Reporter which connects businesses looking for publicity with reporters looking for stories to cover. In his book he talks about thinking outside the box and coming up with unconventional ideas to get some attention from the media.

New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott – The lines have blurred between paid marketing and getting free publicity. David teaches how to levereage social media to share information about your company using social networking sites, blogs, podcasts, news releases and much more.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – This book is the basis for financial literacy. If you haven’t read any book on personal finance this is the one to pick up first. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert breaks the conventional wisdom that your house is not an asset.

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki – If you enjoyed Rich Dad Poor Dad you may enjoy this sequel.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Gary is a wine aficionado turned business consultant encouraging everyone to make a career from what they love to do and using social media to help you do it. He has written a couple books, “Crush It” and most recently “Thank You Economy”. I liked to his blog so you can check that out first and decide if you want to read either of the books.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie – The title says it all.

The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner – This classic book has come out with many new editions and is an overview of societies and the macro economy.

Zero-to-IPO by David Smith – If you want to start a company from scratch and take it public this is a step by step guide of how to do it.

This is a general list of books that is a good read for any entrepreneur.  Think of it as the first two years of basics in college and you still need to read all the books specific to your industry.

One way of getting through books much quicker is by listening to them on Audible.  It is also much more entertaining, since often times it’s the actual author that is reading you his book. I’ve enjoyed my membership with Audible and if you think you would like to listen to your books instead of read them you can save 50% off the first three months by subscribing from the following link, Audible 50% discount page.

Did I miss any books? Let me know in the comments if you have read any books or know of any authors that belong on this list.

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