25th Birthday Bash in New York’s Lower East Side

65995_547139262004_63303381_31667342_5748673_n So previous to my 25th Birthday celebration on Saturday 16 October, 2010, (actual birthday 12 October) I really wasn’t one to make a big deal about birthdays.  Typical birthdays in the past would be a small dinner with only immediate family members and two or three close friends.  This year I kicked it up a couple notches since there was much to celebrate having just moved to a new city a few months ago, moving into a new apartment in the Lower East Side a couple weeks ago, and my brother, Andrew and good friend from grade school, Adam Cruz visiting New York for the first time ever.

The party started with a wine tasting at my apartment (Big thanks to Joe Mayne , Fraternity Brother who supplied most of the wine) and then we walked over to Spitzer’s Pub just a few blocks away for more beer, wine, champagne and food.  All in all it was still a modest party with about 15 of some of my close friends that live in the city, but it was certainly more planning and effort than I had put in for previous birthdays.

Planning birthday parties, especially your own takes time and effort.  You have to find a venue, create and send out invitations,  accommodate family and friends that come in from out of town, estimate how many people are going to come, etc, etc, etc.   For many it’s too much trouble or think birthdays are something only celebrated as kids.  I have come to realize though it’s important to celebrate these special occasions.  If you don’t acknowledge these milestones and think they are not important, no one else will think they’re important either.   Celebrating any occasion is also just a great opportunity to catch up with friends.

So celebrate the milestones in your life, throw a couple parties with some of your friends every once in a while and most importantly don’t forget to invite me.  I had so much fun celebrating my 25th Birthday, I’ve decided I am going to throw at least two or three big parties a year.  Below are some pictures that were taken at this last party.  Left to Right: DJ Elle, Andrew my brother, Adam, Heather, myself, Jacob and Glenda

72467_547137919694_63303381_31667317_4538658_nLeft to Right: DJ Elle, Andrew my brother, Adam, Heather, myself, Jacob and Glenda 


33692_547137844844_63303381_31667312_6053754_n Walk from my Apartment to Spitzers


67533_547139551424_63303381_31667352_1075917_n DJ Elle and Stephanie, the two coolest Swiss girls in NYC


73306_547139496534_63303381_31667348_5308297_n Andrew and Adam with lovely NY ladies


68887_547139137254_63303381_31667335_2478520_n Jacob raising the roof


68760_547137974584_63303381_31667321_281242_n Dave and Glenda


73739_547139032464_63303381_31667327_5196624_nDJ Elle, Andrew, myself, Paulina and Heather

5 thoughts on “25th Birthday Bash in New York’s Lower East Side”

  1. All around a great night especially for being my first time in New York! Had a great time having some drinks and sharing some laughes with new and old friends. Great pictures as well to capture the experience

  2. I was so excited about going, but at the end we had to spend the money on attorney fees and stuff. So, I’m not going to miss the other parties. New York must be so fun to live in. I will go visit you soon.

  3. God, I couldn’t drop my Gmail for a long time, for the blocking of my internet, missing so much information, this is a belated benediction: Happy birthday!

    1. Adrian Childers

      Thanks Insomina! When is your birthday? My website isn’t blocked it it? If you enter your email, you can stay up to date on blog posts.

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