Strengthening The Brain

I’ve always been interested in learning as much as possible about how the brain works and what we can do to strengthen the most complex organ in our bodies. Last week on the Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed, David Eagleman, a neuroscientist and author of the book, “Incognito The Secret Lives of the Brain” (see clip below).

I’d never dedicate my entire career to studying the brain, but I’d certainly be interested in reading a book or two about the subject. As someone who is always looking for new business opportunities and trying to cash in on my own business ventures, I find myself going through the most diverse mood swings. One day I think I have what it takes to grow a multibillion dollar business and others I think I’ll be camping next to the bum on the corner if I can’t execute my business idea. Everyone’s thoughts vary depending on what  is important to each of us, but some days we just feel more optimistic, happy, confident and full of energy than other days.

The goal of course is to be able to control our emotions by strengthening the brain, so we can experience the positive emotions as much as possible. From my experience, I’ve learned there are three things nobody should ever compromise, which are:

  • eating healthy
  • sleeping well and
  • working out regularly

If any of these are missing, any work I do is counterproductive and my brain is running at a lesser capacity.

My diet consists of high protein and lots of vegetables. I eat like a pig, but I stay away from bread, sugar and starches. The goal is to gain muscle and keep off the fat. A high protein diet with low carbs and calories works well for both men and women.

I typically sleep 7-8 hours a day. If I’m sleepy during the day, it takes me longer to finish my work and I find my attention span is much shorter. If I’m sleepy I procrastinate and find myself surfing the web for irrelevant and miscellaneous news online. Arianna Huffington has given entire presentations about the importance of sleep.

Finally, I have to workout at least 3 -4 times a week or I begin to feel like a slob. Jillian Michaels, says that if you feel physically strong you feel strong and in control in all other areas of your life.

Eating healthy, sleeping well and working out is something none of us can afford to sacrifice, but I think there are many other things that vary in importance to each individual in order to keep their own brains happy and healthy. Meditating a few times a week can help you lead the ideal life you want to live by imagining it first. I think going to long without having sex can have negative effects on your brain and overall health. If your religious, taping into a higher source of power can help give you guidance and feel more at peace. Working in a profession that you find fulfilling, challenging and makes you happy is important. Being in the company of family and friends I think has positive effects on our emotions and the brain. If none of these work, buy a puppy because my dog certainly makes me feel happier. Everyone is different and has their own ways of strengthening the brain. Enough of my hypothesis though and enjoy the clip below.

It sounds like Incognito, talks about the subconscious mind and other parts of the brain we have no control over. Since I haven’t had time to listen to any of my books on Audible recently, I still have lots of credits and this will likely be one of the books I listen to. If you’d like to listen to this book or any other for that matter you can get a free book by clicking on the following link, free book from

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  1. Steve Childers

    There are things about the brain I don’t think we understand. Enjoyed this article. Kind of interesting to me to see where your brain is.

    Also, when I clicked on the clip I got a message saying Hulu was not available outside the US. Said I could disable my “ananymizer”, what ever that is but didn’t take the time to figure it out.

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