Donald Trump 2012?

Donald Trump hasn’t announced his candidacy for president yet, but he has his first major media endorsement and an idea where he should announce his candidacy and/or host a fundraiser.  Any presidential candidate can announce his candidacy in a fancy smansy location, but sooner or later the American people start to think you are an elitist or out of touch with the general American population.  This kills any presidential candidate or a president for that matter, which is why Donald Trump should host a fundraiser on the Lower East Side at a restaurant like Candela Candela.

It’s a very fine line to walk when boasting about how rich you are, while staying in touch with Americans.  Truth be told, Donald you live in a city that made you rich, but it’s also a city of liberals and democrats.  Want to make it seem like you’re in touch with Americans? Send me an email or leave a comment below.

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