Create Your Own Job

DO YOU HAVE A GREAT IDEA YOU BELIEVE WOULD SOLVE THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS?  DO YOU HATE YOUR BOSS AND ARE YOU STUCK IN A DEAD END JOB?  OR EVEN WORSE YET, DO YOU NOT HAVE A JOB? was created to encourage anyone even remotely interested in starting their own business to do so.  Everyone has at least one talent or skill God has given them.  If enough initiative is taken you can use this to perform a service or create a product of tremendous use to several people in return for money.  Rapidly approaching 2010, technology has even made it extremely easy for us to start a business and help people around the world. 

This post was written when the unemployment rate was just under 10% and everyone was waiting for the government to create more jobs.  The government should only exist to protect us, create basic infrastructure like roads and highways and make public education available to everyone, so Americans can go and create our own jobs.  I understand times are tough, but if your not making enough money you cant blame others for this, but rather have to turn to yourself and see what you could do to add value to other people’s lives.

If you are working for someone else and are perfectly happy, I congratulate you and am happy that your boss has been able to create such a great work environment.  If this isn’t the case don’t be mad at your boss, he is simply giving you a way of putting food on your table.  If you don’t like something at your workplace you have to change it for yourself or create a new workplace for you and others around you.

Having worked as an employee and as an entrepreneur developing the services I provide,  I know several of the advantages and disadvantages of each and we will explore these throughout the blog.  Some of my favorite advantages of going into business for yourself are you get to spend your money on your business expenses first and then are only taxed on what’s left over.  You also get to work the hours you choose, although sometimes you work twice as much.  The greatest advantage, however, is you being able to do exactly what you want to while helping others with something that makes their lives easier.  I also really believe unless you inherit money or marry someone rich, it’s the only way to become truly wealthy. 

I hope as you read through this blog you are encouraged to use your God given talents to provide a useful service to others and make a living doing something you truly love to do.

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