Welcome to AdrianChilders.com

I spend most of my time researching and sharing business opportunities, primarily related to real estate and digital currencies such as bitcoin.  If you have cash to invest I recommend real estate and bitcoin dividing it proportionally to your investment goals of steady monthly cash flow (real estate) or a liquid asset with potential for exponential growth (bitcoin). If I can help I’m always happy to talk/advise about either.

I’m the founder of Ads On Rides which I started to give companies an affordable and scalable opportunity to advertise while helping full time on demand transportation and delivery drivers supplement their income if they are willing to place an ad on their back window.  I’m also a licensed real estate agent in Florida and am always looking for any type of property that will return capital at a 10% rate of return or greater.

I wrote a bunch of blog posts in my early and mid twenties that I keep on my site only for nostalgic reasons and because I remember putting a lot of time into it. Definitely don’t read them! For more relevant and updated news follow me on Twitter and Youtube at the links below.



You can also call my Google Voice number 305-791-2028 or write to adrian [at] adrianchilders [.com].