Welcome to AdrianChilders.com

AdrianChilders.com is a hybrid of a media company and a destination for bringing global stakeholders (this means you!) together to invest time, money and other assets to people and organizations making the world a better place. We invite visitors to not only browse the site but to help change the world and make money doing it.

The industry or in this case institutions ripe for disruption are large, intrusive and overreaching federal governments. AdrianChilders.com is not going to pretend it’s an unbiased website, but we do believe everyone deserves to live under the exact type of government and regulation they desire. We’ve made so much progress since the Chinese dynasties and the European monarchs to the half-assed 21st century democracies we live in today, but the future is decentralization.

We are all sovereign citizens and governments should compete to include us in their society as opposed to being born into one because of geographic location or parents nationality. Our societies more closely resemble a caste system then one that offers choice and upward mobility. The source of government and its centralized power comes from its fiat, (meaning worthless and backed by nothing) currency it prints and imposes on society.

Thankfully there is an alternative fiat currency, but it is decentralized, digital and a much more efficient means of exchange then government backed currencies. The best part of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is that while it remains a fiat currency, as all means of exchange should be, it isn’t controlled by monkeys in suits primarily politicians and central bankers. Additionally for those that don’t trust bitcoin, the source code for the currency is all posted online for anyone to copy, modify and create their own if they believe they can create a better system.

An alternative currency won’t solve all of mankind’s problems, but open source and decentralization will. Open source and decentralization is the evolution of the current economic systems whereby the primary incentive to produce is to improve society. Socialism rewards political greed whereas capitalism rewards economic greed. The reward for open source is generosity in order for the world to continue to evolve which will also result in ones own personal gain. This is why in addition to investing in real estate we focus on investing our efforts with the types of companies and organizations that share our values.

Changing the world and making money isn’t easy, but a good first step is to subscribe to the newsletter on your right. See you on the other side 😉