Happy 235th Birthday America!!

Happy Birthday America!! You’ve grown up so quick and haven’t had a dull moment in your history since declaring independence in 1776. Your first few years were spent fighting a war for freedom and every American would still fight to the death today if we thought for a moment it was ever in Jeopardy.

You are so young relative to the rest of the world, but through hard work and innovation Americans enjoy the highest quality of life. Americans work not just to make a  living for themselves and their family, but to create a better world around them. We never stand for mediocrity or settle when dealt a bad hand, but rather strive to win at all costs in order to live a better more comfortable life simply because we think we deserve it.

Over the years you have witnessed us fight for equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, sex, belief or anything else that makes us unique. You get more rebellious and liberal as the years go by. Your people are always pushing for free market systems and to get government out of the way, but we still expect it to protect us from danger. As harsh as your capitalist economy can be sometimes, it has been a model for the rest of the world to follow.

Yes, I admit we are in a bit of a slump right now, with high unemployment, a national debt at an all time high and newly industrialized countries nipping at our heels. To make matters worse our politicians seem to never get anything done because they bicker back and forth like teenage girls. You have too many issues that simply can’t be solved by one political party or another and you need politicians that are independent thinkers who have an incentive to do what is right for the country without fear of upsetting others in their own political party (I’ll tell you how to do this in future blog posts).

On another important note, while we have made a lot of progress towards a peaceful middle east, I hope you’ve learned your lesson about spending trillions of dollars on wars that we really shouldn’t be involved in to begin with. Just imagine what we could have done with all that money to solve more important domestic issues. It’s good that you always try to help the rest of the world, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the people living within your borders. Thankfully, regardless of the economic mess the government is in, individual Americans create our own destiny and we can still live a financially prosperous life. As long as our tax burden isn’t increased everything is cool.

While some may think your place in the world has come and gone with the 20th century, they tend to forget we still have the biggest economy in the world, the best education systems, a vast amount of natural resources, a government that protects us but doesn’t impede on our civil liberties and most importantly optimistic people that think anything is possible. We have business ideas that change the world and investors that throw billions of dollars to make them a reality. We live in a society that provides tools and resources for us to be able to make a living any way we choose. These are just a few of the things we tend to take for granted since all of us here now have only been around for the last few years of your history.

Congratulations once again on turning 235 years old today. I’m happy to call myself an American and look forward to being a part of your best years to come.

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